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California Firearm Laws

There is a large variety of firearm offenses in California. The offenses are arranged in several broad classifications, such as crimes based on the type of firearm, the ammunition possessed, the status of the person who possessed the firearm, and how the firearm is used.

In fact, there are probably more criminal charges and categories of criminal charges that are associated with the use and possession of firearms than any other broad classification of California crime.

A defendant may find himself or herself charged one of a hundred different firearm charges ranging from infractions to aggravated felonies in any of the following broad categories:

Brandishing firearms offenses, Armed with a firearm offenses, Shooting a firearm offenses, Possession of firearms or ammunition by convicted criminals, Carrying a loaded firearm offense, Concealing a firearm offense, Enhancements for firearms offenses, and more.

In addition to harsh penalties for firearm convictions in California,  other penalties may include, fines, probation, loss of professional license, immigration consequences (for non-U.S. citizen), restraining orders, banishment from firearm possession, and more.

For more information on the penalties associated with any particular California firearm offense contact criminal defense attorney Christopher Dorado.

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