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California Theft Laws & Defense

Penal Code Section 484 & 487

Criminal theft charges come in dozens of varieties, including petty theft, petty theft with priors, embezzlement, fraud, robbery, etc.

The most basic and probably the most common theft charge is found at California penal code 484.

In order to prove that the defendant is guilty of the crime of theft under PC 484 the prosecutor will have to prove all of the following:

a) The defendant took another person's property without permission,

b) The defendant destroyed the property or intended to keep it without returning it,

c) The defendant had no legal justification for taking the property (example: consent)

If found guilty of PC 484 the defendant faces up to three years in prison, (up to 180 days for misdemeanor theft).

In addition to any jail or prison sentence, if the defendant is found guilty of PC 484 he may face professional license restrictions or suspensions, harsh probation terms, restitution requirements, loss of immigration status (for non-U.S. citizens), and more.

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Closely associated crimes to PC 484:

Petty Theft: (Penal Code 484(a)) or (Penal         Code 488)

Grand Theft: (Penal Code 484(a))

Grand Theft of Property Valued More Than       $950 (Penal Code 487(a))

Grand Theft of Property Taken From a               Person: (Penal Code 487(c))

Grand Theft of Firearm: (Penal Code 487(d))

Grand Theft of Vehicle Valued More Than         $950 (Penal Code 487a)), or VC 10851(a)

Petty Theft of $50 or less (Penal Code               490.1(a))


California Theft Laws & Defense PC 484

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